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    Shri Hariram

    Sh. Hariram

    Education: Farmer
    Experience: 40 years +
    COO Of Diviam Aahar

    Agriculture is our Ancestral Occupation. Since we have been growing staple food for a long time, we can understand the nitty-gritty minutely. One of the major issues with farmers are they don’t have a market either for selling crop or buying quality input like seeds and fertilizers etc. during sowing time.

    Farmers have to look for local solutions which is the main reason for low productivity and at the time of selling they don’t get the right price. They are selling their crops to local wholesalers due to two main reasons, first transportation cost to bring the crops to a bigger market and second mode of consideration. Even if a farmer sells its crops at MSP they have to pay for the transportation, loading, and unloading plus the consideration given by govt. is in the form of a cheque and not a direct transfer or cash. Therefore most of the farmers are small land holding and faces regular issues in selling their crops directly to market. They are dependent upon the number of middlemen.

    Being a farmer I can understand the pain areas of small farmers. I think the above problem can be addressed by Diviam Aahar because they pay money immediately and can pick our products from the doorstep of the farmer.

    Mr Mukteshwar

    Mr. Mukteshwar

    Education: B.tech
    Experience: 4 years +
    Marketing & Administration Manager

    After completing my graduation in 2015 tried but did not get a job. Then I decided to pursue a teaching career but unfortunately, that also not work for me. Hence I decided to work for my own native place and joined Diviam Aahar. Here I am responsible for Digital Marketing and Administrative activities like packaging and its shipment. I am glad to announce we are impacting society by creating a direct bridge between farmers and urban customers.

    Our aim is not only to focus on profitability but rather on creating an ecosystem where everybody benefits. Farmers get fair compensation and some employment opportunities are generated in rural areas. Further, urban people get healthy food which also prevents chronic diseases. By our combined efforts we are creating a win-win situation for everyone.

    Mr Brijesh

    Mr. Brijesh

    Education: B.tech
    Experience: 6 years +
    Supply Chain Manager

    After 6 years of corporate experience, I decided to start my own business. We all are aware of how COVID-19 impacted the world it also pushed me hard to move to my own business. I am selling Kalanamak rice online & offline modes. My family has been in bulk supply of rice and wheat for the last 45 years which helps me a lot about agribusiness.

    We got engaged with Diviam Aahar in the beginning of 2023. Our aim is to provide end to end solution of super foods like Kalanamak rice starting from farmers to ultimate customer. And we believe this can be achieved only through collaborate with right partner. We see a huge potential of nutritional product in Metro cities and further to global market. We were selling our product at low margin as we are sitting in tire-2 and tire-3 cities. Through Diviam Aahar we got an opportunity to sell in large quantities at better margin with without compromising quality. Our motto is to provide Pure and Best quality to our customers.

    And we personally believe more and more professionals join agribusiness because they can understand the pain of farmers and small businesses, and also have the capability to expand it into metro cities. Further with help of technology they can reaches to larger number of customers including international customers without including multiple layers of middleman.

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